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  Example Output
  HUMAnN2 outputs

1. The pre-processing output files are in "kneaddata_out", which also contains a logfile containing the commands run.

2. Results obtained by the HUMAnN2 algorithm are in "humann2_out", which contains gene families, path abundance, path coverage, and metaphlan2 run results for each sample.

3. Visual results contain clustering heat map, gene family heat map and path abundance barplot.

Abundance heat map

Gene family heat map

Path abundance barplot

  ARGs-OAP outputs

ARGs-OAP pipeline results are in "arg_out", which contains potential args reads and 16s rRNA information, args type and subtype taxonomic profile and PCoA analysis result with other environmental samples. The visual results included abundance bar charts of 24 antibiotic resistance genes, PCoA analysis between the results after standardized correction based on 16s rRNA genes and cell count and other environmental samples.

Args type abundance bar plot

PCoA base on 16s

PCoA base on cell

  Cazy outputs

1. Results of gene quantification are in "cazy_out/salmon_out".
2. Results of carbohydrate annotation results are in "cazy_out/dbcan2_out".
3. Visual result contains cazy heat map.

Cazy heat map