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  Example Output
  OTU Clustering outputs

1. The OTU table is in "closed_otu_output".
2. The histogram of OTU abundance is shown below:

OTU abundance histogram

  Diversity analysis outputs

1. The alpha diversity results are in "alpha_diversity", which contains boxplot of various index like "ACE", "Chao1", "Shannon", "Simpson", "Inverse Simpson".
2. The beta diversity results are in "beta_diversity", which contains PCoA analysis result.

Boxplot of various alpha index

Beta diversity base on PCoA analysis

  LEfSe analyasis outputs

The LEfSe results are in "Analysis_of_difference_between_groups_of_bacteria/lefse", which contains histogram of LDA value distribution and cladogram.

Histogram of LDA value distribution


  Volcano plot outputs

The Volcano plot of different rank levels between different groups (use P <0.01 filter condition) are in "Analysis_of_difference_between_groups_of_bacteria/volcano".

Volcano plot

  Functional annotation outputs

Both of PICRUSt and Tax4Fun results are in "KEGG", which contains KEGG Pathway Hierarchy Level intergroup difference result and heat map.

KEGG Pathway heat map

KEGG Pathway hierarchy level intergroup difference result